MARCH 2009
Text on Abitare


Read the text of Matteo Costanzo on the new istallation of Garutti at MAXXI
APRIL 2009
Lecture and exhibition in Oslo


On April the 16th we are going to present three selected projects (A diamond is forever, Elephant and the secret garden in Calaf) within the series of lectures Unplugged Italy organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo with the National Museum of Art Artchitecture and Design, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and the DPA of the Politecnico di Milano. On April the 14th it will open the exhibition of the offices invited at the AHO, Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Exhibition opened till 26th April 2009.
APRIL 2009


On April the 2nd we'll attend the meeting about the Evolution in architecture. Together with Prof. Purini, Prof. De Rubertis, Avatar, n!studio and Ian+ in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Architecture "Valle Giulia" at 10.00 a.m.