APRIL 2012

Our project "House based on a drawing by Ettore Sottsass" on Domus 968. An exercise in subtle interpretation brought the architecture office 2A+P/A to give functionality to an idea by Ettore Sottsass: "Monumental architecture" a drawing he made in 2003 became the subject of their intellectual speculation, coherent with the drawing’s underlying philosophy, and ended up becoming a house.
APRIL 2013
"5 minutes stoppage time" goes to Moscow

Part of the exhibition of Italian Pavillion of the last Venice Biennale has been moved to the Italian Culture Institute in Moscow, included the video "5 minutes stoppage time". From 27 March to 7 April Exhibition hall “Nuovo Manezh” (Gheorghievskij per., 3/3).

MARCH 2013
Le terrain

We are going to hold a lecture about Italian Design in Paris. Since Radicals to Memphis, we'll try to tell a story of about twenty years: 1966-1986.
It is one of the events of the rich program of "le terrain", an exhibition/event that is taking place at École Spéciale d'Architecture, curated by Max Turnheim and Adrien Durrmeyer. Friday 22 March at 19.00, Galerie Spéciale - 254 Boulevard Raspail, Paris.