Vocazione Roma Prize

Our project for the Condominio Produttivo has been awarded with a special mention at the Vocazione Roma Prize.
INU prize

The video 5 minutes stoppage time has been projected during the Urban Literature Day organized by INU in Naples on 15th December.
ReMade in Italy

Friday the 23 of November from 10.30 will be held the meeting "ReMade in Italy", inside the Italian Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale di Venezia. We are going to moderate the seminar on land use and urban growth, together with: Ferruccio Favaron (CNAPPC), Ezio Micelli (Assessore Urbanistica Venezia), Stefano Salata (CRCS), Edoardo Zanchini (Legambiente).
Award ceremony

On friday 16th of November it will take place the Award ceremony for the Zumtobel Group Award 2012 in Berlin. The Maria Grazia Cutuli School received a honorable mention in the category Built Environment.
Lecture at Tor Vergata

On 8th November at 16.00 we are going to present our projects inside the lecture series "FASE" organized by Architettiamoci and introduced by Claudia Conforti, Facoltà di Architettura "Tor Vergara", Via del Politecnico 1, Rome.
Medaglia d'oro all'architettura italiana

Our project for the Maria Grazia Cutuli school in Afghanistan is one of the projects finalist for the "Medaglia d'oro all'architettura italiana". The 16th october award ceremony and exhibition opening at the at the Triennale di Milano.

13th Venice Biennale - Italian Pavilion

Here the video we have presented at the Italian Pavillion of the 13th Architecture Venice Biennale. It is the result of the research on land consumption and soil sealing in Italy, produced together with Angelo Grasso and TspoonFrom August 29th to November 25th 2012 at Tesa delle Vergini, Arsenale. Opening August 28th at 5.00 p.m. 
To watch the Italian version click here.
L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 391

On the issue 391 of L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui a special on our works written by Alexandre Labasse. 
13th Venice Biennale - Sanrocco Collaborations and Books of copies

San Rocco presents the Call for Papers for issue nr. 6 “Collaborations”. Inside the frame of the XIII Biennale, the Call for Papers takes the form of a large table collecting objects that expose and reflect on collaborations in architecture. Architects and artists contributed to the table exposing the products of their previous collaboration or producing new objects referring to collaborations in the architecture of the past.

San Rocco has been also invited to contribute to the Museum of Copies, the show presented by FAT (London, UK) at the 13th International Architecture Biennale. San Rocco contributes by launching the “Books of Copies” project. The “Books of Copies” project is a collection of images taking the form of a library and online database. “Books of Copies” comprise images that can be copied in order to produce architecture. As such, “Books of Copies” are receptacles of a collective form of knowledge provisionally called “Architecture”.

From August 29th to November 25th 2012 at. Preview August 27th and 28th.

13th Venice Biennale - Luxemburg Pavilion

We contribute to the Luxemburg Pavillion exhibition "Futura Bold? Post-City. Considering the Luxemburg case" curated by Yi-der Chou, Radim Louda and Philippe Nathan. Post-city will be displayed at the Ca’ del Duca, an apartment on the Canal Grande in Venice, from August 29th to November 25th 2012. Vernissage August 28th at 6.00 p.m.
JULY 2012
Honorable Mention at Zumtobel Award
The Maria Grazia Cutuli School has received the honorable mention from Zumtobel Group Award 2012
JUNE 2012
Festarch 2012

The 9th of June we are going to present our latest works at Festarch in Perugia, Sala della Vaccara at 7.15 p.m, introduced by Valentina Ciuffi. Check the program and the introduction on Abitare.
JUNE 2012
San Rocco at MAXXI

On 31st of May at 6.30 pm, San Rocco n.4 FUCK CONCEPT! CONTEXT! has been presented at MAXXI, gallery 1, through a debate between the editorial staff and Pippo Ciorra, Luca Galofaro and Valerio Paolo Mosco.
MAY 2012
New panel layout

Our projects are published on the book New panel layout by Damdi.
MAY 2012
Naked architecture

Our project Art Wood, in collaboration with Andrea Branzi, is published inside the new book Naked architecture curated by Valerio Paolo Mosco for Skira.
APRIL 2012
Lecture in Rome

On 17th April we are going to present our projects inside the lecture series "Tra artificio e natura", Facoltà di Architettura "Valle Giulia" in Rome, organized by Giulio Aleandri, together with DONTSTOP architettura, OSA and TSPOON.
APRIL 2012
City visions

Our videos Bubblehouse and Castrum will be presented at the "City visions" program. Urban center piazza Palazzo di città 8/F. Download the program.
APRIL 2012
Arquitectura Viva

The project of the school in Afghanistan is published also on issue 152 of Arcquitecture Viva.
MARCH 2012
Website Updates
Check out our updated website! New graphic design, new projects, new contents. Stay tuned!
MARCH 2012
Herat School on Boundaries n.3

The project of the Maria Grazia Cutuli Primary School has been published on issue n.3 of the Architecture magazine Boundaries
MARCH 2012
Domus 956

The issue 956 of Domus is dedicated to the theme of representation. Inside also a drawing from 2A+P/A.
MARCH 2012
The school in Herat on Abitare China

Maria Grazia Cutuli school project is published on Abitare China, issue n.27
Architettura e cooperazione

On 20th February we are going to present the Maria Grazia Cutuli School project in a lecture about Architecture and Cooperation, inside the series "Lunedì dell'Architettura" organized by In/Arch Lazio. At 19.00 in via di Villa Patrizi 11, Rome.
Circo Italia #2

After the prologue in Turin, Circo Italia continues the jurney through the most important events dedicated to art and design. the second stage will take place saturday, January 28th in Bologna, during Arte Fiera at Rizoma, via della Grada 11/A, starting from 18.00.
Testify! in Berlin

The exhibition Testify! The Consequences of Architecture, curated for the opening of the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam by Lukas Feireiss, will open the 10th of February in Berlin at the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum (DAZ).